Microsoft Ignite | London


After spending a couple of days at Microsoft Ignite these are some of my key points of note.

  1. Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)
    • Microsoft’s recent WVD announcements makes VDI a cost effective option for SME aswell as large enterprises
    • WVD combined with Azure AD Conditional Access could offer an effective solution to provide external suppliers access to a secure desktop from outside your organisation removing the cost of additional physical devices
    • WVD is due to be available through Public Preview next month and made Generally Available in the Summer
    • WVD can be used to publish applications and/or desktops
    • Windows Server only supports Win32 and Office perpetual apps, whereas WVD will support Office 365 ProPlus and UWP apps
    • There will be two modes of connecting to a WVD:
      • Microsoft Remote Desktop Client
      • HTML5 Browser
    • WVD is licensed on a subscription basis and so will not require RDS CALs!
  2. Intune
    • OOBE Profile enhancements
      • Computer Name templates now allow you to configure devices to use %serialNumber% as the computername, instead of random names
    • New security features will provide the ability to ensure only auto pilot enrolled devices can be registered in Intune
    • Office 365
      • A new Office App Suite (for Office Pro Plus) deployment options have been introduced further simplifying Office deployment
      • A new set of servicing options for Office 365 Pro Plus (Insider and Monthly)
    • New features to be introduced in the Windows 10 v1903 release
      • Windows Auto Pilot “White Glove”
        • A process where the device is fully configured in readiness for the End User logon
        • The device will complete the full device setup – install user/ device assigned apps, configure settings and user account setup (user assignment)
      • Cortana voiceover will be disabled by default in OOBE
      • Self-updating Auto Pilot
        • The AutoPilot client will be updated at OOBE without requiring the Device image/OS to be updated to the next version of Windows
    • Dependency / Sequential Deployment
      • Application Dependency capabilities will be introduced into Intune this Summer
      • Sequential application and configuration deployment will be introduced through Intune towards the end of the year
  3. Identity and Access Management
    • Information Protection
      • Now integrated into the Security and Compliance Centre
      • Unified Labelling (still in preview) will allow organisations to configure Information Protection Policies using on labels to identify sensitive data types (e.g. National Insurance Number) which can be automatically identified in documents and will prompt the user to save the document (or send emails) with a pre-defined protective marking (Natively in Office ProPlus)
      • An AIP Scanner function can be used to scan all existing documents and either audit or enforce Information Protection policies
    • Email protection policies can be configured to enforce mail encryption and prevent mail forwarding
  4. Microsoft Teams
    • Files can now be shared (and restricted to) users within a Teams channel
    • Transcription Services – Caption Recording
      • In addition a new search feature will be introduced to allow channel users to search for words/ topics captured
    • Share content from a partner device, i.e. The MS Teams App running on an iPhone can be used to share video content from your phone whilst you are logged into Teams on the phone and desktop
    • New RBAC Roles introduced
    • Integration with LoB Apps that can be added to the Teams Store
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