Presenting at the Citrix and Microsoft Cloud Seminar

It was a great afternoon at the Citrix and Microsoft Cloud Seminar last week. Pontec and Network Jigsaw delivered a joint presentation on our experiences delivering an Azure hosted VDI environment brokered by the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Cloud Service for one of the largest public sector organisations in Wales.


Citrix opened the event presenting their latest workspace and SD-Wan capabilities. Microsoft also presented their latest innovations in Cloud computing and Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD). Microsoft also emphasised how the Microsoft and Citrix Partnership is stronger than ever with Citrix providing a unified experience between Azure hosted WVD and On-Premise published apps/ desktops.

Speaking with public and private sector organisations after our presentation it became apparent that most companies are excited by Microsoft’s recent FSLogix acquisition and WVD announcements. It was also interesting to learn how so many organisations find it challenging to prioritise which Cloud services to focus their attention on first; Office 365, Azure VDI, or Cloud datacentre transformation. I think this is the area where Citrix Cloud services can add real value, allowing customers to decouple Line of Business applications from their critical path and deliver them as published applications from anywhere, often mitigating the “Proximity to Data” challenge.

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